Access Choice®
Access Choice web-based software integrates case management and electronic authorizations and has numerous time-saving features. The first completely paperless system to the market, Access Choice is designed to manage program data for vocational rehabilitation, independent living, and blind and low vision agencies. Here are just a few examples of the time-saving, easy-to-use features found in an Access Choice system:
Maximized Accessibility
  • Section 508 and W3C compliant to accommodate screen readers and other accessibility devices
  • Simple, straightforward design makes navigation easy for all users
  • Counselors, support staff, and vendors require less than one hour of training to become proficient users. Individuals with an average knowledge of Internet navigation will be able to train themselves
Security and Data Integrity
  • Uses the highest-grade security available, including 128-bit encryption, secure certificate, and password protection
  • System automatically assigns a unique number identifying both the consumer and his/her case. This prevents the disclosure of SSNs, while making staff members aware of serial rehabilitations
Case Management
  • When a consumer applies for services, a forced choice process ensures that required RSA data are inputted accurately. Menus limit users to a choice of the data needed for case files, thus minimizing the possibility of mistakes
  • Consumer Options link provides easy access to individual consumer information and allows efficient creation of new records. Contact data, application data, eligibility, IPE, authorizations, and billing history can all be accessed with four mouse clicks or less, with 90% of functions completed in three clicks or less
  • Staff members have access to a catalog of agency-designed letters and forms, each of which may be edited to meet specific consumer needs
  • Medical and psychological records and other pertinent documents can be scanned and uploaded to customized links in the consumer's file
  • Case notes may be added to a consumer's file using a Comments Box. The system allows comments to be pasted from a word processing program, or entered via a keyboard or voice recognition software
  • Numerous audit trails throughout the system record who entered what information and time stamp each entry
  • A printable case data summary shows consumer demographics and 911 data
  • A Reminders function expedites case flow by alerting users to tasks needing to be completed. Alerts can be set for immediate notification or for effective dates for status milestones
Authorizations and Payments
  • System integrates authorizations with an online billing system so that vendors can receive authorizations in their respective member areas as soon as they are created. Paper authorizations may be eliminated entirely, if desired
  • Batch authorizations for the same service at fixed rates may be created for multiple consumers
  • Recurring authorizations can be created once and sent automatically to vendors each month until expiration
  • Printable authorizations are available using agency-designed format
  • Approval of authorizations can be arranged with up to five different agency staff members before payment is made to a vendor
  • Administrators can create titles for budget categories that will automatically display in the authorization link
  • Budget allocations can be assigned to regions and can be moved from one region to another as needed
Integrated Report System
  • Search function allows users to search for specific information in multiple fields. Reports can be filtered by consumer demographic and status data to provide reports based on specific criteria
  • Each case worker has access to reports of his/her own job performance, e.g. number of consumers served, budget expenditures, and status 02s and 22s (or equivalents)
  • RSA 911, RSA 2, RSA 113, RSA 704, RSA 15, and RSA 7OB reports are available in both printable and electronic format
  • Required RSA data may be tracked by region, as well as for the entire state
  • System updates data continually for up-to-the-minute reports
Price Schedule
Setup and implementation fees and yearly subscription rates are dependent on the number of staff members in your program. Since Access Choice is project-driven, pricing depends on the needs of your program. There are two services, however, that are provided with each program, regardless of individual specifications:
  • Upgrades, maintenance, online support, email support, and voice support are in included in annual subscriptions fees through a licensing agreement
  • Up to 25 hours of website customization is provided free of charge
We also offer a technology transfer program that allows your own IT staff to maintain and upgrade the code base. If you would like more information on how Access Choice can help your organization or if you would like to request a free demonstration, please e-mail us, or give us a call at 406-252-6651.