FormPro™ Reasons to Subscribe
Designed from a life care planner's perspective
Created by a certified life care planner with fifteen years experience in the rehabilitation field, FormPro is designed to meet the practical needs of professionals who plan for the care of injured individuals.
Detailed, customizable provider input forms
FormPro generates custom input forms based on a client's age, gender, and injury, ensuring that all data appearing on a form are directly relevant to the case. FormPro also includes the name of your business on every page, indentifying it as your work product.
Comprehensive injury checklists in a single step
FormPro quickly produces customizable injury checklists of every possible long term consequences from a given injury or combination of injuries. Useful for a variety of purposes, FormPro checklists help you to address every issue, every time.
Defensible medical opinions
FormPro's date-stamped input forms are designed with meticulous attention to the characteristics of particular injuries to ensure relevancy of provider opinions.
Reduction of errors and omissions
FormPro's comprehensive, evidence-based lists of treatment options for each injury type significantly reduce the chance of errors and omissions in life care planning.
Thousands of research references at your fingertips
FormPro provides references to thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles, along with books and comprehensive websites providing a wealth of information about injuries and treatments.
Intuitive and easy to use
FormPro doesn't take hours to learn. New users can gain proficiency in less than twenty minutes!
Frequent data updates
FormPro updates its database of services, complications, and evidence-based references every time you start the program.
Speedy document creation
FormPro increases your efficiency by enabling the quick creation of client-specific data collection forms.
Comprehensive, specialized content
FormPro lists medical and allied health services, surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, and complications based on your client's specific injury type to ensure that all possible needs are thoroughly addressed.
Multiple form styles adaptable to different cases
FormPro provides three customizable form styles, allowing you to choose a format appropriate to the requirements of a particular case.
Standardized, repeatable documentation
FormPro provides standardized documents for a wide variety of injury types with consistent options for treatment recommendations.
Timely updates
FormPro is continually updated with information based on the latest professional research. We search new texts and new editions of medical journals as they are published for data relevant to life care planning, and update FormPro accordingly. All the information you need is at your fingertips every time you start the program.
Professional value
FormPro's accuracy helps you represent your client's very best interests with defensible reports, providing unsurpassed value for a modest financial investment.
Knowledgeable support team
Our staff members are passionate about providing you with the best product available to meet your needs. We have a proven record of developing valuable technology, and are committed to supporting our customers.
A passion for innovation
Our team has the knowledge, experience, and passion to continue providing innovative, cutting-edge technology to rehabilitation professionals. As the years pass, you can rely on Brightsun Technologies to continue creating useful software products that make your job easier.