Why FormPro™ is a great value
Introductory Price List
Introductory Price
Full yearly subscription $995
Full monthly subscription $295, then $99.95 per month*
*No contract or long term obligation
FormPro increases efficiency
Users have the only research-based software on the market that quickly creates input forms to record physicians' opinions.
FormPro is flexible
Input forms can be customized to reflect the needs of particular clients and to conform to the legal standards of different legal jurisdictions.
FormPro is thorough
The thoroughness and accuracy of each form's content minimizes the risk of error or omission in the reporting of client needs.
FormPro provides clarity
FormPro's wealth of detail helps users establish the proper long-term care for their client and thereby make clear the dollar value of a case.
FormPro is research-based
Since all FormPro content is based on scientific research, users have a solid foundation for plan recommendations.
FormPro is always up-to-date
FormPro's searchable reference database is updated frequently to include the latest published research and treatment guidelines to ensuring continual relevance to life care planning.
FormPro saves time
A search for published works on a particular injury that would otherwise take hours can be done almost instantly with FormPro.

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