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FormPro. Expertly informed.
FormPro software is an authoritative collection of evidence-based information about long-term care needs. Including expertly developed injury specific content and thousands of research references, FormPro was designed for life care planners, legal nurse consultants, paralegals, and plaintiff or defense attorneys engaged in personal injury litigation. FormPro users customize injury specific medical information for use as specialized injury checklists and Patient Care Needs Questionnaires, resulting in better case outcomes. FormPro's extensive, frequently updated research references ensure users are always equipped with the latest professional data for deposition preparation or expert rebuttal.
Customizable, detailed Patient Care Needs Questionnaire
FormPro checklists include comprehensive medical and allied health services, surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, and complications based upon a client's specific injury, ensuring all possible needs are thoroughly addressed. This wealth of detail helps the medical-legal team to consider every issue a client may experience and minimizes the chance of error or omission. 
Injury checklists created in a single step
FormPro users are empowered with comprehensive and complete medical information useful for a variety of purposes. A FormPro checklist helps users quickly ensure every possible consequence of an injury is considered and evaluated for relevance to client or case needs. Equally useful for plaintiff or defense, FormPro injury checklists are a dynamic resource.
Relevant research at your fingertips
References to thousands of injury-specific resources, including journal articles, books, clinical practice guidelines, and websites, are available to FormPro users at the click of a mouse. These provide users with the scientific evidence necessary to support case related recommendations. Since the reference database is updated frequently, FormPro users have access to the latest research into injury complications, treatments, diagnostic tests, and therapeutic services. All database references are selected for their relevance to long-term care needs, saving users research time.
Priced to meet your practice's needs
FormPro is available as an annual or monthly subscription that ensures you are always supplied with up-to-date medical information in an easy to use format.
Summary of FormPro's advantages
  • Evidence-based approach for better case outcomes
  • Detailed, customizable physician questionnaires
  • Reduction of errors and omissions
  • Comprehensive, specialized medical content
  • Thousands of research references selected for relevance to long-term care needs
  • Frequent updates of treatment content and research references
  • Timesaving and easy to use format
  • Flexible purchase options adaptable to every practice
If you would like more information about how FormPro can help you approach each case with a scientific foundation, or if you would like to request a free demonstration of the product, please contact us by e-mail, or call us at 406-252-6651.